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London's Leading Domestic Air Conditioning Specialists

Why not cool off during those hot summer months with energy efficient and proven domestic air conditioning?

Our expertise lies in designing and installing top-quality air conditioning systems for households in London and the South East, at highly competitive rates. Furthermore, our pricing package encompasses complimentary maintenance services for a year post-installation.

As a prominent air conditioning expert in London and the South East, we offer cost-effective and superior residential air conditioning solutions, incorporating installation and supply services that cater to a vast range of homes within the London area.

We offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions, partnering with the leading brands in the industry. Our services cover installation and maintenance of both basic and advanced heating and cooling systems, catering to commercial establishments as well as luxurious residential properties throughout London. We also extend our expertise to providing individual air conditioning units for mobile homes, regardless of their size or complexity.

So if you're based in London and are looking for high quality and affordable domestic air conditioning units, call us today on 01634 810613 to arrange your free home survey and no obligation quotation.

Get The Best - Don't Be Tempted By Cheap domestic Air Conditioning Unit Imports

Beware of inexpensive home air conditioning systems that may appear enticing; they are typically subpar. Budget-friendly imports frequently fail within a year after installation and require repair or replacement, which can significantly increase your expenses. Investing more in the initial purchase, on the other hand, guarantees longevity and provides greater peace of mind.

London's most trusted domestic air conditioning installers

It is of utmost importance to employ a reputable and trustworthy air conditioning company in London that exclusively uses recognized top-tier brands for designing, supplying and setting up domestic air-conditioning units with high standards of reliability, safety and quality. This move provides guaranteed better warranty coverage, an optimal functioning unit tailored specifically for the bedroom or living room space, as well as access to professional advice from experts in the field.

So call one of London's leading domestic air conditioning installers at RMS Services today for your free home survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.