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We buy the best at the best prices and pass those savings on to our clients

As volume buyers, we can often procure air conditioning units for less than our competitors and we pass that saving onto our clients. That is why we are always competitive on price but never at the cost of a quality installation.

We source all our air conditioning units from all the major manufacturers and are not tied to any of them in any way. That means when we advise on a particular unit for your needs it will always be exactly what you need, not under specified and not over specified. That means you are paying exactly the right price and the air conditioning unit will do exactly what it is supposed to do.

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning Installation
Here are some examples of the manufacturers we regularly use:
Mitsubishi Electric
Panasonic Air Conditoning

We provide a complete breakdown of costs for the units we supply as part of our comprehensive quotation or tender. If you would like a supply only price please contact us.